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Is the ball your best friend?

This week I began to relearn tennis. My brother and I use to play early Saturday mornings and we taught ourselves how to play. We never took classes or lessons and we both made our varsity team in high school. We did not have the IQ part of tennis so when we played an experienced player we...


What does all the work in soccer?

The Body does all the work. soccer there is no stick, bat, or racquet. That means the body must be in optimum shape to allow the best outcome with the ball. The beauty of soccer is that you can play no matter your body type. Even if 11v11 soccer may be too much for you at this moment you...


Our First Blog Post!

Excited! Thanks to those that enrolled in the Triumph Approach Course. This is our first go at it but have exciting plans for the future. Since this is my first blog post under the Triumph Approach I wanted to share a story. Last weekend (like many of you) we began the traditional fall soccer...